Artesian Spas

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The Intersection of Art and Function

At Spa Center Inc, we’re proud to sell Artesian Spas. With over 100 combined years of hot tub manufacturing, Artesian has created several diverse lines of quality handmade spas. Their luxurious spas are created using old-fashioned methods, such as chisels, sand blocks, files and putty knives. Artesian Spas takes great pride in sculpting all the molds by hand.

By creating these beautiful, organic forms by hand, they ensure each spa is perfectly contoured to the human form. Experts apply ergonomic seating designs to the interior of the spas. Each seat helps you maintain even weight distribution and correct posture while you enjoy the powerful massage therapy of the helix jets. The bench seats allow you to swivel to massage your back, sides and arms.

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We offer many spas and swim spas from Artesian Spas. Our series include: Artesian Elite, Island Seas, South Seas, Garden Spas, and TidalFit Swim Spas.

Introducing The Tidalfit Pool

TidalFit Exercise Pools are ideal for families looking for an alternative to a full-sized, backyard pool or a recreational pool that can also function as a therapeutic pool. The most cost-effective TidalFit swim spa not only delivers many of the same features as a regular pool, but is also much easier to maintain. Temperature controls allow you to use your TidalFit swim spa year-round.

The TidalFit models we currently offer include:

  • The Active
  • The Active Plus
  • The Core
  • The Premium
  • The Pro

As a tool for fitness, health and well-being, the swimming and water-resistance exercises possible in TidalFit Exercise Pools benefit people of all ages. These low-impact, high-resistance exercises are ideal for achieving general fitness while avoiding injury. The TidalFit Swim Spa is available semi-underground and even offers dual-temperature options for those wanting to have the ultimate endocrine reset – working out in their cool pool and immediately unwinding in their therapeutic hot tub.

Get fit in the convenience and privacy of your own backyard with a TidalFit swim spa in Boise, ID.